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We offer more than just a pool.

Pools-Today offers a wide range of services that go beyond just installing your pool.

Pool Design & Installation

Pool Features

Fire, Water, and Rocks, oh my.

Our team can add a variety of features to your backyard paradise.


Not just plants but an experience.

Taking your backyard pool from a 7 to a 10 with beautiful landscaping.

Pool Accessories

Increasing the fun factor.

Nothing adds more fun to a pool like a volleyball net or a basketball goal. But then again how about a slide!

Additional Services

Pool Opening & Closing

Ease your concerns and reclaim your time by relying on Pools Today to kickstart your pool season and ensure a hassle-free closure at the season's end, all while resting assured that it will be primed and ready come spring.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Hire Pools-Today to maintain your pool through the season. Our team offers bi-weekly service and is ready to start today. Remove taking care of your pool from your To-Do list and put it in our experienced teams hands.