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From design to the first splash.

Our installation process relies on our experienced team of installers that pride themselves on making your dream pool a reality. Learn more about our installation process and additional services we offer for to make your backyard the oasis you have been dreaming of. At Pools Today, our mission is your happiness.

Step 1

Design & Layout

Getting Started Right

Our team will work with you to get the design of your pool just how you want it. We will then obtain any required permits and pre-work needed to start your project.

Step 2

Preparing for Your Pool

Laying out the Pool

We begin our process by marking your yard to make sure we have all utilities marked and begin marking the pool area in your yard for excavation.

Step 3


Its Becoming Real

Our team will start the process of removing the dirt and grass from the marked area according to the dig instructions. This includes areas for plumbing and other necessary accessories.

Step 4

Setting the Base

Making Everything Level

Once the excavation of the area is complete we will install a bed of gravel and compacted dirt to insure the pool is level when installed.

Step 5

Pool Arrives & Placement

It is Here!

The day everyone has been waiting for as your pool arrives. The pool is typically lifted by crane to its final resting area as our team makes sure its lowered into place safely and level.

Step 6


Plumbing 101

The pool has been installed to the correct depth and piping for the drains and filtration are started to be installed.

Step 7


Water & Dirt?

It is time for water and dirt, but not in the same place. We will start to fill the pool with water while at the same time backfilling around the pool with gravel to equalize the pressure.

Step 8


Built to Last

This process begins the final steps of the pool as we install coping and rebar around the pool edge to accept a concrete pour.

Step 9


Beauty Mastered

What once was a big hole in your yard is now a gorgeous pool. Our team will finish the pool installation with tile, concrete, or bricking of your choice.

Step 10


Taking your Pool from a 7 to a 10.

Our pool business is owned and operated by the industry leading Lambs Lawn Service. This allows us to finish your entire backyard space with the landscaping and finishing to make your backyard the oasis you have dreamed of. We look forward to installing your pool.

Our pools come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

The Centurion Lifetime Warranty is a commitment to quality that every pool is made with marine-grade technology and Centurion Core Construction. This is backed with their Lifetime Structural Warranty and Osmosis Warranty.